Are you propaganda proof?

Think you’re not susceptible to propaganda? Think again. Propaganda producers know you a lot better than you think — your likes and dislikes, your hopes and fears. Take our short quiz to reveal how propaganda makers could target you and what steps you can take to prevent it.

Is there a target on your back?
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Propaganda makers think about a lot more than just politics and protest. Their job relies on knowing you better than you know yourself: your likes and dislikes, hopes and fears.

Pick your preferences — from food to fashion — to reveal how you see the world... and how propaganda makers could target YOU.

Pick a way to spend your day off:

Curling up with a good book or TV show at home. Eating brunch at the hottest new restaurant, then going to a show. Volunteering for a cause you feel passionate about. Cheering on your favorite sports team.

Pick a dessert:

Classic milk and cookies A super-indulgent milkshake Fair-trade chocolate truffles Your hometown’s famous pie

Pick a TV show:

A reality show about how to declutter your life A scandalous prime-time soap A tear-jerking drama A political talk show — as long as you agree with the host

Pick an athletic event:

A soccer match: the purest sport A ninja obstacle course: the more extreme, the better A fundraising run: exercise with a purpose A rivalry showdown: time for superfans to shine

Pick a room:

Clean lines, no clutter Ornate and impressive Cozy and eclectic A tribute to your friends and loved ones

Pick a vacation:

A trip to a quaint seaside town A destination with big attractions and lots of entertainment options A service trip to help an impoverished community abroad A trip to visit beloved family or friends

Pick a color or pattern:

Pick a musical event:

A solo artist at a small venue A multistage music festival A charity concert A musical revue featuring your favorite hits

Pick a view:

Pick a hobby:

Adult coloring books Skydiving Community service projects Playing on a softball team

Pick an animal:

Pick a fashion statement:

Keep it classic: jeans and a white tee Funky footwear: designer sneakers or heels Sustainable fashion: an organic cotton shirt or dress Fan fashion: a jersey of your favorite team

Your Disin.fo Propaganda Profile Quiz Results

Straightforward & Direct

You see the heart of the issue and aren’t easily distracted by complicated claims or fancy footwork. You like your arguments simple and classic.

First the good news! You have an amazing strength that protects you from certain types of propaganda. But the bad news is that you've also got a weakness that makes you more susceptible to other types of propaganda. Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses below and then find out how to make yourself #propagandaproof.



You’re great at spotting propaganda that relies on exaggeration to build up its cause and show off its strength.

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Propaganda creators could target you using simplification because it takes advantage of your dislike of complexity and clutter.

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Let the world know you’re on your way to being #propagandaproof! Share your results and see how you stack up against your friends and family.

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